A new social media publishing platform that lays stress on images

All of us know by now that posting images or videos on social networks can get more clicks & fans than mere words. Taking advantage of this, there’s a new social media publishing platform called Symphony that is more image focused. It’s USP – it allows users to use images from an in-built library to go along with your post or status updates, all of which are free of any copyright violations.

Symphony is like Buffer & HootSuite, all in one. Plus, it has the advantage of allowing you to choose from images that are thrown up as auto suggestion or search for images in the search task bar. Once you select the image you want to use with your tweet or FB status message, you can then post it immediately or, like in Buffer, schedule it for a later date or time. You may queue tweets & status updates in advance so they get seen at the best time for your audience, netting you more views, clicks, & conversions. Thus, you may spend less time publishing your content & more time creating it.

symphony1And, like any other social media management platform, Symphony too allows you to post across your various social media networks from one dashboard. Like HootSuite, you can invite other members of your team or project, too, to collaborate on different social media projects.

If you want to use this new social media publishing patform, there’s of course a free trial to get a feel of this tool. Once you are convinced, you need to subscribe to one of the 3 paid plans. Needless to say,the more you pay, the more features of this new Internet startup you can access.


Image Credit: Symphony


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