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Add 296 days to your life with the Mailbird email app

This press note,as released by the company,has been reproduced in full

Time. It’s the most valuable resource you’ve got.
Yet most people spend two and a half hours every day in their inbox. That’s 81 days every year spent organizing and replying and writing instead of adventuring, creating and enjoying.
Do you see a problem here?
Michael Bodekaer, Michael Olsen, & Andrea Loubier saw it too, and embarked on a mission to seize back those precious hours.
16 months, 2564 beta testers, and 132 versions created by 9 team members from 7 countries later, and the time & brain space saving result of their labors is ready to be introduced in open-beta to the world (that means you!).
“Thank you! Everything works great. First impression – almost perfect :)” – Tavi Rosca
It’s called Mailbird, and it’s packed with apps, features, shortcuts, and software upgrades optimized to boost your productivity & save you hours in your inbox.
It’s open sourced apps let you manage your whole cloud, organize your life, read your favorite blogs, and get social.
“It’s clean and exactly my style. I love the apps available, and the potential for future apps.” – Chris G.
And it’s completely intuitive to use. No manual needed, you’ll know what you’re doing in less than a minute (we timed it!) of opening it up for the first time.
Not to mention it’s the most modern, sleek, and uncluttered design of any email app (perhaps any app, period) on Windows.
“This has to be the best looking mail client for Windows I’ve ever seen!”- Xavier Brolin
Oh yeah…it’s also free. There’s a paid version with sweet productivity upgrades and bonus apps, but you can get almost all of the Mailbird benefits without spending a dime.
So how much time does Mailbird save you? Our research shows that Mailbird users save 10% of the time they usually spend in email. Assuming you live 78 years, that’s an extra 296 days of free time added to your life.
Want to see it in action? Check out this short video.

So go ahead, get the fastest, sleekest, most intuitive & uncluttered email productivity app ever. Get the email app that saves you hours every day and makes email more enjoyable.
Get Mailbird.

Want to learn more about Mailbird?
Just get in touch with…
Andrea Loubier
al (at)
+65 812 3716 9137

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Here’s a chance for startups to win US $10,000

This press note,as released by the company,has been reproduced in full

CrowdIt (, the crowdfunding site for the “New American Dream,” is encouraging entrepreneurs with great ideas for innovative startups and small businesses to submit project proposals for an opportunity to win $10,000. CrowdIt offers a new approach to crowdfunding that incorporates expert advice, peer review and business networking to provide the additional resources entrepreneurs need. Proposals can now be submitted at (, and projects will go live for public review and funding starting June 4. The project securing the most funding by Aug. 18 will receive the additional $10,000 contribution from CrowdIt.

“We are the ideal crowdfunding site for aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life,” said Jason Graf, co-founder and CEO for CrowdIt. “Our approach is unique and designed to create a beacon of support for business-focused projects. We want people – whether individuals pursuing projects, supporters of funding campaigns or business experts and VCs – to play an integrated and supporting role in the crowdfunding process.”

CrowdIt represents the next generation in crowdfunding sites that address the need for continued support after the funding event. The company is rooted in business development and mentoring, and its philosophy is to connect dreamers, believers and experts within a social network to promote end-to-end project success.

To submit a project proposal please visit (

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About CrowdIt
Based in America’s heartland of Springfield, MO, CrowdIt ( is the crowdfunding site for believers of the New American Dream. Its crowdfunding site goes beyond just funding great ideas, but focuses on supporting success through peer and expert advisory support, business networking and sharing of best practices and knowledge. CrowdIt’s belief is that crowdfunding will help drive the next wave in innovation and economic expansion and underpins its mission to support small business growth. A start-up, CrowdIt is privately held and backed by venture capital firm Baron VC. For more information, please visit (

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