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Trunx offers secure Cloud storage for your photo and video collections

Trunx – Pro Camera Manager is a free mobile app that helps you capture, manage & store your private videos & photos securely in the Cloud. You do not have use any space at all on your mobile device. So there is no threat of running out of storage space on your smartphone.

But that’s not all. Trunx also offers EchoPix technology that adds compatible sound to your photos to enhance the experience & memories. The app assures users of high-resolution pictures while importing & storing them in the Cloud. The photos are not resized or downsampled so you are assured of the same resolution & clarity they had when you captured them.

Trunx logo (2)Trunx allows you to capture videos & photos directly from the app without using your phone storage. You can organize & archive your full photo compilation in a single place. The app allows you to connect your Instagram, Facebook & Camera Roll pictures & view them anywhere on any device.

Trunx sorts & organizes your pictures by date, time & location. This enables you to find what you need easily. You can add tags to the pics for quick & convenient organization.

The creators of Trunx promise complete privacy & security as your private collection is protected with AES & SSL encryption which is the technology banks also use. If you delete pictures by accident or lose your mobile phone, do not worry as you will be able to retrieve the lost photos from the Cloud. You can add to the security by creating a pin number which will ensure only you get to access your private collection.

You can use the Desktop Uploader option to upload pictures from your PC to the Trunx account. Users can also easily back up pictures from their digital cameras & hard drives by plugging the memory stick or drive into their computer & uploading the collection to the Cloud.

Trunx was launched in November last year & updated this month to include new features such as side swipe gesture for month view, stability & performance improvements as well as bug fixes. The app is offered with unlimited storage till April 30, 2014. Trunx is the flagship product of San Francisco-based Lifetime Memori Inc. which specializes in offering cloud-based technologies to mobile users.

Click here to download Trunx on your iOS device.

Click here to download Trunx on your Android device.

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Social networks, watch out, here comes Cloak, the anti-social app

Your presence & contacts on social networking sites can make you bump into people whom you would rather avoid. Now you can isolate yourself from such contacts by downloading & using a free iOS app named Cloak which touts itself as the “anti-social network”.

Cloak uses a simple methodology to keep track of contacts you do not wish to, well, contact. It connects with Instagram & Foursquare social networks & maps the most recent locations of your friends. You can select a preset radius & choose to get an alert when undesirable contacts get too close to you.

The creators of Cloak say they have not utilized Twitter’s location data because it’s “quite vague” & most users usually turn it off. Similarly they have avoided using Facebook data as most contacts on this network such as high school friends aren’t likely to be in your vicinity. But Cloak reveals it has plans to add more networks to the two it maps now.

The anti-social element of Cloak makes it similar to another app named ‘Hell Is Other People’, which was launched last year. ‘Hell…’ also uses Foursquare geo-location data as well as Google Maps to help users steer clear of unwanted contacts.

Cloak is a product of programmer Brian Moore & Chris Baker who was a creative director with Buzzfeed. Baker says the social networking fad has become passé, & now it is the turn of “anti-social stuff” to become popular.

Cloak was released earlier this month, & the company says it will adopt a wait & watch approach to see the response before adding more features.

Click here to download Cloak on your iOS device.


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