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Converse.js chat client lets you integrate multi-user chatrooms with your Website

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Converse.js is a free & open source XMPP chat client that lets you integrate single-user chat as well as multi-user chatrooms with your website.

There’s no dearth of chat client providers offering chat scripts, widgets & apps that allow you to add a single-user chat on your Website. It’s usually used as a live help tool that enables Web masters or company representatives to talk to Website visitors & customers live & one-on-one.

But Converse.js goes a long way further beyond the basic Facebook type of chat. In addition to authentication & contact groups, users also have multi-user chat rooms that enable your customers & Website visitors to chat among themselves.

It’s a simple & no-cost method to create a community of users engaged in dialogue with you & between themselves, instead of just website visitors who come & go & don’t interact with anyone.

Apart from registration & the ability to accept/decline contact requests & create contact rosters & groups, your users will be able to use features that include vCard support, custom chat status messages, typing notifications & off-the record encryption.

Oh, & it can be translated into 14 languages. You can also set up a common authentication process, where users who have already logged into your website will automatically be logged into the chat server.

The chat client runs in standard Web browsers & can easily be integrated into any website. It can connect to any accessible to any accessible XMPP/Jabber server from public providers like You can, of course, set one up yourself too.

You can integrate Converse.js with other frameworks such as Plone, Django, Roundcube, Patternslib & Alfresco. It’s even available as a WordPress blog plugin.

Converse was developed by South African software developer JC Brand.

Image Credit: Converse

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Batch Insights aggregates & tracks mobile push notifications data

Batch Insights is a new Online tool for mobile developers & other marketers that aggregates mobile push notifications & lets users search & filter through the flood of data to find what they need.

There are billions of mobile push notifications sent every day to people all over the world, & the data in these messages will show you exactly how each company is marketing its products & services. The problem, of course, is that it’s really hard to mine Big Data if you’re a small business or mobile developer making apps in your basement.

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Thus, the kind of computing resources you’d need to collect information about your competitors & filter mobile push notifications based on your keyword queries would take your IT investment to a whole new level. You could individually monitor the messages being put out by all your competitors by installing their apps & reading every notification by each competitor, but you still won’t be able to search through the billions of notifications floating around. Besides, installing & watching your all competitors’ apps will consume a whole lot of time or manpower, & it still won’t provide you with industry-wide insights.

It’s far easier when you can just sign up & create an account with Batch Insights & run your queries, track specific competitors & seek inspiration for your own marketing ideas from all the push notifications you see.

What’s intriguing is that they’re also coming up with an API, which should enable a lot of mobile developers to use the push notification data & create more specific industry-based apps.

Also note that this is the 1st product release for mobile developers from the team at – a domain name that boosts their prospects a lot. The company plans to release more such analytics tools under this domain for mobile developers.

Batch Insights was founded in Nov 2014 by the same Paris, France-based team that founded Appgratis. Simon Dawlat is CEO, with Sylvain Ramousse & Antoine Guénard as co-founders. The team has raised US $13.5 million for Appgratis in Series A funding in Jan 2013.

Image Credit: Batch Insights

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