Taipei startup releases mobile app that turns user photo into animated 3D avatar

Taipei-based startup Speed 3D Inc. has released its 1st mobile app Insta3D, which it claims to be the 1st in the world to turn a single photo into a person’s identical & animated 3D avatar.

App users can also customize their own 3D avatars with different outfits, accessories, facial expressions, & animated body motions, allowing people to express their creativity. The animated 3D avatars may also be shared on social networks, according to Speed 3D.

The free app Insta3D uses face detection & Cloud computing tech to analyze the facial features in the photo to generate a 3D head model. This is then quickly sent back to the end-user’s phone for further customization. The whole 3D modeling process takes about 10 seconds under 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

3D avatarIn addition, Insta3D provides the app users 100s of accessories, including glasses, hair styles, & outfits. The user can further enhance the avatar’s personality by changing its mood — laughing, angry, sad, or surprised, & applying different animated body languages, such us cheering, dancing, & fainting moves to the avatar. The tailored 3D avatar then can be saved & shared as photo or video on the social networks.

Speed 3D has also partnered with Next Media Animation, 1 of the largest animation studios in the world. “Next Media has been producing 3D animation for many years and has accumulated a great variety of 3D models and actions. We look forward to witnessing Insta3D’s utilization of these contents in a whole new direction,” said Kith Ng, CEO of the Next Media Animation.

Speed 3D is also partners with 1 of the top 3D printing service providers in Japan in order to deliver the 3D-printed personalized avatars to its customers. Insta3D users will soon be able to print out their own 8-inch avatars using the highest quality 3D printing technology.

Company officials claimed within 72 hours after Insta3D’s launch on June 30, the app became the No.1 Free App in Taiwan for 3 consecutive days. In addition to the success in Taiwan, Insta3D’s download number was also experiencing a strong growth in the US, Japan, & South Korea.

Insta3D is now available for free download on App Store & Google Play.

Click here to download Insta3D app on your iOS device.

Click here to download Insta3D on your Android device.

Image Credit: Speed 3D Inc

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