NotifyVisitors offers tool for targeted user engagement through Website notifications

These days, while browsing a Website, if you happen to see a popup window showing some notification that seem to be designed & tailored for you, the chances are high that it may have been created with the help of

NotifyVisitors helps Website owners maintain highly targeted user engagements through notification boxes for everything – from Site maintenance announcements to discounts offers for which the user may be eligible.

The thing that makes this tool appealing is that you do not need to do any coding, & it has a unique ability to target users by personalizing messages shown based on a number of factors.

Let’s take a look at how it works. For starters, you should know that NotifyVisitors simply needs to be integrated into your Online store or publishing platform. That is done quite easily with a simple piece of code, & is applicable to almost all major platforms, including Shopify, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Drupal, Magento, Opencart, BIG Commerce, to name a few.


Once it’s integrated, there’s no more geek stuff involved. A marketer can start using it directly by editing & launching new notifications & targeting rules in real time. You can choose from the readily available notification templates & customize the notifications using a visual WYSIWYG editor to make it match the look & feel of your Website or store.

The Website notificatons can be a single line that appears at the top or the bottom of the Site, or a push notification housed in a box whose dimensions & position may be customized to fit into your design template. You can optionally make it modal with a ‘call to action’ button.

The targeting rules on which the notifications are based include things such as location, traffic source, device type, browser used, time of day, page views, operating system, visit frequency & duration of site visit, etc.

For instance, you can target visitors who are coming in through a specific Google Adwords campaign, & further finetune your message to match the device used. For example, mobile users from a mobile adwords campaign would get a separate notification box message, while those using a Web browser on a laptop or desktop would get another message.

If a user is logged in to your store & you know his/her identity, you can provide personalized messages specifically targeting them, such as a message which includes their name/username & tells them about their eligibility for a discount on a specific product.

The results & success of your notifications can also be accurately tracked using the powerful analytics which gives you detailed performance reports & click through rates for each notification box.

NotifyVisitors has both – free & paid plans The free option can be used for upto 10,000 impressions. You can use it for upto 150,000 impressions at US $19/month. The price goes up to $59/month for upto 1.5 million impressions, & $149/month for up to 5 million impressions.

The New Delhi, India-based NotifyVisitors was co-founded by Siddharth Gupta & Aman Gupta. Siddharth is the company’s CEO & Aman is the coding expert. The company is currently looking to raise funding from angel investors on AngelList.

Image Credit: NotifyVisitors

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