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This social network helps you do things on your bucketlist by the time you hit 50

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Oct. 31, 2014, PRNewswire: is a social network that matches users with other people between 45-50 who share the same bucket list items. The market for social media networks is quite vast at the moment, but 50Bucket offers a dynamic support network that most sites lack. 50Bucket provides support in taking the plunge and pursuing adventures or big decisions with a large network of trained professionals and coaches who are willing to give you advice for free. The site benefits coaches by allowing them to showcase their skills and advice to wide audience of potential clients.

50Bucket_LOGO-launch-pages-general is the brainchild of two successful coaches, Sam Beckford and Jason Westlake, who both have already crossed a lot of items off their bucket lists. Sam Beckford, 44, has crossed off bucket list items like traveling to 22 countries, writing a best-selling book, being interviewed on national TV and having a helicopter land and pick him up in his back yard. Beckford became a self-made millionaire at age 34 from a small business he started with his wife and began coaching others on reaching goals. Beckford has used unconventional tactics like giving away 11 Ford mustang convertibles over the last 10 years in an annual contest to help his coaching clients reach their goals. Beckford is also planning a Mustang giveaway to motivate users to share their bucket list success stories with the 50Bucket community.

Jason Westlake, 33, is a business and adventure coach who takes clients on once-in-a-lifetime trips. He has taken clients to exotic locations like the Amazon jungle in Peru, Machu Picchu, and Sedona, and he challenges his clients with trekking excursions, snowmobiling on glaciers, kayaking with orcas and humpback whales, and has even taught them basic survival skills. Jason uses these exotic locales as a backdrop to facilitate life-changing breakthroughs for his clients. Sam describes Jason as a combination of Survivor and Dr. Phil. Beckford jokes, “Jason is like the teenager who works in his parent’s liquor store who can serve you, but not use the product himself.” Even though he is not the typical age of 50Bucket users, Jason faced his mid-life crisis at an early age when he left an engineering scholarship in order to pursue his dreams of coaching and traveling. Jason has since traveled to 30 countries and five continents and has spent time living abroad. Jason also knows what to do when face to face with a jaguar, so that information may come in handy.

In addition to receiving professional support and connecting with peers looking for similar adventures, the site has a practical way of connecting people in the same stage of life facing crucial decisions. Beckford says, “If you are 48 years old and thinking about quitting your job to start a business, it is different than making that choice at 29. A 46-year-old breast cancer survivor does not approach life in the same way a 73-year-old breast cancer survivor does. We help you connect with people who are going through the exact same things at the exact same stage of their lives.” is free for users to join. The site also showcases different challenges like divorce, career changes and saving for retirement, for example. As users face their challenges, they learn both from the professional support of experienced coaches as well as from those who are experiencing similar challenges. is planning several trips and adventures that members can embark upon, ranging from remote Antarctica adventures to more tranquil bucket goals like the Grand Canyon. 50Bucket also has more than 100 locales and features goals that users might not know about, but should be on their bucket list. The site launches on February 1st, 2015. Interested users can apply for a free account prior to launch at

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New social app from Singapore ‘BlastOut’ helps create private social network for events

How about having your own, “personal” social network? A place where you can talk of your private events? That is now a reality with the launch of the free version of social app BlastOut, a platform developed by Singaporeans, Daniel Chia & Cynthia Siantar. The new social app will empower users to create their very own exclusive social network for their private events with the launch of their new freemium Web service.

new social appBlastOut is positioned as a “geo-located, temporary social network that lets you start real conversations with relevant people around you. Posts on BlastOut only last for a limited time before they disappear, so exchange contacts to stay in touch with the people you meet.”

“We want to extend the privilege of creating a temporary social network to everyone; not just for large scale event organisers, but for our users’ private events as well. This will add an additional dimension to their events, allowing them to do more by merging their virtual and real life social interactions, and bringing the experience of their events to the next level,” said Daniel Chia, Co-Founder of BlastOut, in a press statement.

The app has already attracted S$200,000 in angel funding.

BlastOut allows event organisers to create in-app Content, enabling them to focus on reaching out to people around their location. Users can be engaged through time-sensitive special deals, customized brand messages, the app’s commenting system & plug-in support.

With the launch of the freemium service, users themselves can create their very own exclusive temporary social network to enhance their private gatherings. They can include event albums & other interactive Content like stock games, chats & polls. Plus, its geolocation feature means that users have to be physically present at the venue in order to access the exclusive Content posted on BlastOut. Users will receive alerts to the presence of Content on BlastOut when they get close to the venue, after which they can check out the fun things that others shared.

Since its inception, BlastOut claims to have had several high-profile tie-ups & partnerships with major brand names in Singapore, working closely with Cathay. The new social app also recently partnered with local celebrity Keagan Kang to use BlastOut in his F&B establishment, The Papa Shop. The partnership will see The Papa Shop adding a depth of interactivity with their customers through special offers and interesting Content.

BlastOut also recently hosted its 1st London event, a summer ball for the Imperial College of London’s Royal College of Science Union (RCSU), with over 400 attendees. They are also working with top varsities in the US to launch their service there.

Click here to download BlastOut on your iOS device.

Click here to download BlastOut on our Android device.

Image Credit: Google play/BlastOut

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