Add a private social network to your Site for readers

Pvt social network

It’s amply clear that the mere running of a Website is not enough these days. You need to also let the world know about its existence via social media, Online marketing & all that jazz. Driving traffic is the name of the game, & can get you the funds you want.

Here’s a startup now that allows you to have your very own personal social network for readers/users of your Website. That’s right. Called Spot.IM, this “private”social network allows your Site visitors to have real-time conversation, thus enabling the Site owners to promote Content & reach the audience directly. Besides, Spot. IM also allows scaling up of the network. Those who want to use this social network can sign-up using any of their social accounts such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

The Site administrator holds the controls of the social network & can ensure no inappropriate Content is uploaded, + have access to some advanced filtering tools. And adding it to a Website is simple – you need to just add a piece of code. The other advantage is that Spot.IM is completely free “with no strings attached”.


Image Credit: Spot.IM


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