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Zapper QR scanner app makes it simple to pay bills

QR (Quick Response) code scanners make it easier to make payments & securely log into Websites. All you have to do is point your smartphone with the QR scanner app at the code & the scanner does the rest.

One such QR scanner is offered by UK-based which launched a free Scan-to-Pay app for smartphones in September last year. This app makes it more convenient to pay your bills Online & while shopping in stores. Businesses add QR codes on their bills & you just need to scan this code with the app. Your registered card will be charged the bill amount & you will get an instant notification for the payment.

Zapper is offered for both iOS & Android devices. Download the app & register your card details which are encrypted securely & stored on the app. You are now ready to start zapping.

The QR codes can be used on paper as well as electronic documents which makes it convenient for both businesses & customers. The app removes the hassle of repeatedly entering your card details on multiple Websites for shopping & paying bills.

Research firm Gartner reveals there has been a 44% rise in global mobile payments in the past year. Zapper plans to take advantage of this growing trend by helping customers make full use of their mobile phones.

Zapper’s Scan-to-Pay product is also being utilized by small companies in the UK which are getting back the payment debt owed to them by customers who can now make instant payments by simply zapping with their smartphone. Zapper does not charge the small firms any fees but only takes a cut of 2.7%+£0.20 for each payment. Larger companies can also benefit by reducing their call center expenses by utilizing Zapper.

In short, customers no longer need to worry about carrying cash or cheques while shopping & paying bills. They simply need to carry their smartphone with the Zapper app in it.

Here’s a video on how Zapper works:

Click here to download Zapper on your Android device

Click here to download Zapper on your iOS device.

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