Topicurious is a search engine for Twitter

Many Twitter users blindly follow brands as well as people in the hope of reading interesting stuff. So they get to see what others like to post & not what they would like to read.

Topicurious is a search engine for Twitter that seeks to set right this problem. It tries t shift the focus from people to topics. You can use Topicurious to search for topics that you like, find relevant hashtags & then join the discussion if you feel like it.

Uses for Social Media Buffs

  • You can seize the initiative & find useful & interesting information for yourself on Twitter instead of merely hoping to chance upon such topics.
  • Instead of blindly following people & their tweets, you can search & follow what you are interested in.
  • Topicurious offers you the chance to discover compelling communities, conversations & Content that otherwise you would never find on Twitter.

Uses for Marketers

  • Marketers can double the engagement by using tweets that have hashtags.
  • They can use better hashtags in their tweets to expand their social reach.
  • Marketers can find potential customers & industry influencers on Twitter & connect with them.
  • They can get customer feedback about their brand which can be used to create more effective marketing messages.

Twitter search engineNow you don’t have to settle for irrelevant & uninteresting videos, images, posts & tweets by those you follow on Twitter. Topicurious helps you find the best & most useful Content Twitter has to offer.

Find Popular Hashtags on Twitter
Many people may wonder about which hashtags are the best for their favorite topics. Currently, they can only find out by using time consuming trial & error methods. Topicurious makes it easy as you simply have to search for your choice keywords & the search engine will provide the popular & relevant hashtags for them. You can increase your social reach by finding relevant hashtag communities that you can follow & tweet to.

In short, Topicurious is a free search engine for Twitter that helps you avoid following anyone blindly by enabling you to find interesting and relevant topics & information anytime you wish. Thus, you get to experience the best of Twitter without wasting time on reading irrelevant & boring stuff.

Topicurious is a startup based in Toronto, Canada founded by software marketer Craig DesBrisay. This application is currently in private Beta.

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