Like Digg & Reddit, new Internet startup brings you a personalized Internet

Those frequenting the Internet have always wanted a “personalized” experience, some tool or service that will help make their Online life easy & educative. That is what we at What’s New On The Net try to do, too, & one of the ways is by profiling new Internet startups. But that for some other day.

Today, though, we shall talk of this new Internet startup called ‘theneeds’, based out of San Francisco, USA. theneeds, in beta, claims to aim to give Internet users a “highly personalized” experience for Net surfing. Its patent-pending technology claims to follow your surfing pattern & then give you stuff to your likes. This could be where to find the best restuarants, the best news sites….stuff like that.

In a sense, this new Internet startup is comparable to at least two “personalized” Content sites – Digg & Reddit. On theneeds, too, users vote for the Content posted. Thus, the process tries to do away with the “disconnection” that many feel while using the Internet for information. Users can also share their fav likes with others on the network.

Check the video for an audio/video understanding of what this new Internet startup is:

Video Credit: theneeds/Vimeo
Image Credit: theneeds



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