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Make custom rubber stamps of your face (or anything else) with Stamp Yo Face!

Stamp Yo Face! is a company that makes custom rubber stamps bearing your likeness. You can then stamp letters, letterheads & stationary, documents & any kind of paper you fancy with it.

It’s very simple – you send them a picture & they hand-draw a portrait using the picture. This hand-drawn portrait is then used to make a custom rubber stamp.

For US $65, Stamp Yo Face! will send you custom rubber stamps not just of your face, but virtually anything you want. You can send them a photo of your pet, or ask for a rubber stamp as a couple ($100) so you’ll have two mugshots on the stamp.

rubber stampsYou can seek a gift certificate from them, so that people you gift it to can then get their own custom rubber stamps made.

You can also get a stamp of a custom object like a dog bone, thumb up/down, donut, pizza slice, etc. You can get a small quote bubble, where the portrait appears to be saying something. Apart from the actual rubber stamp, they also send you the hand-drawn portrait, the digital file of the portrait & an ink pad. In other words, you’re ready to start stamping yo face both Online & offline.

Right now, though, these guys are right in the middle of the Christmas rush, so don’t expect overnight delivery. It can take up to 8 weeks for Stamp Yo Face to fulfill your order. They will send you the hand-drawn portrait first, so that you know how the stamp will look like before it is made.

The Wichita, Kansas, US-based Stamp Yo Face! was launched in Feb 2014 by Hannah Scott & Kevin Wildt. Hannah is an art student at Wichita State University, & the one who will be hand drawing the portraits from your pictures. Kevin handles the production, Website & shipping part of the business.

Image Credit: Stamp Yo Face!

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VideoSelfie makes video selfies more fun with animated gifs

VideoSelfie is a new video messaging app that lets you take & send short video selfies that you can enhance with decorative animated gifs.

Video Selfie

Video messaging is a highly competitive field dominated by the social networking giants, with popular video messaging & sharing apps like Vine sucking away all the oxygen.

Pocket Supernova, Inc. probably realized this when they launched their own video messaging app called Unda. It already works in much the same way as VideoSelfie, helping you send selfies as short videos.

So the company just had to do some research & testing to include innovations like face tracking, where the gifs you add will follow your face or camera movement in the video.

Using VideoSelfie is quite easy. It takes 20-second videos. Just tap & hold to record, & it offers multi-take support too, if you want to change anything in-between. Sharing it is just as easy as with any video messaging app.

You can choose to activate face-tracking, or disable it. If it’s enabled, the gifs you add will follow your head movement & the camera movement.

You can use hundreds of GIFs from separate categories (reactions, emoji, fun, love, etc.) available in the app, or you can add any image you have on your phone – VideoSelfie supports not just gifs, but also png files & jpgs too.

You’ll end up goofing around with the app, creating selfie videos & then adding thick glasses or cat whiskers & ears to your head, or something equally ridiculous & fun.

You can add words to your actions (eg:- hello at the start & bye-bye with a hand wave & kiss at the end). You can also add a music track to the video.

Tokyo, Japan-based Pocket Supernova Inc. was founded in May 2013 by Oscar Noriega & Nao Tokui. Noriega is the company’s CEO & Tokui is the CTO. The company has raised around US $1 million, including a US $900,000 seed funding round from 4 investors in Oct 2014. There is no Android version available at the moment.

Click here to download the VideoSelfie video messaging app for iOS from the App Store.

Image Credit: VideoSelfie

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