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Tsu launches as a social network monetization & payment platform


Ok, so here’s a question – when all the Content you post on the various social networks is yours, why should their owners make money out of it? The answer is what this new social media Site tsu (pronounced as ‘Sue’ with a silent T), claims to provide. This is a social media “payment” platform that allows social network users to monetize their own Content.

You can create your “network” & build your own community of users/followers on tsu. You get to invite people to join using your own unique short code, same as an affiliate program link. The monetization part also works in a similar manner, where you get to keep the ad & sponsorship revenue generated by your Content, with tsu taking a 10% cut. The referral system also gives you a 3rd of the revenue (after tsu’s cut) from the revenues racked up by people who signed up through your link.

The concept of social network monetization and & revenue sharing isn’t new. Social communities like Hubpages, where users get paid for the revenue their Content generate, have been around for a long time. Neither is the affiliate system new.

But the key here is that tsu is not trying to wean users away from Facebook or any other social network & build its own user base from scratch. For example, you can share your YouTube videos on Tsu, & YouTube will continue to be able to monetize in all the ways it does, & tsu will add its own monetization on top of that.

So as a publisher already posting videos on YouTube, you stand to gain an additional revenue stream for the same Content. All you have to do is build up the number of people who follow you on tsu & sign up under you.

If you look at it this way, it’s a brilliant way to attract a whole boatload of publishers who work very hard to attract & grow their own following. The tsu founders can then sit back & watch their network grow bigger & get its own user base as a genuine social network.

The only social feature the platform has at the moment is the ability to message other users.

Their FAQ page explains the whole thing in detail – how to sign up, how to publish & share your content on the platform, privacy settings, promotion, monetization, etc.

Another feature worth a mention is the payment system. tsu is billing itself as a social media payment system, & it does indeed allow users to redeem their earnings ($100 minimum), & also to send money to each other & to merchants.This ability to send & receive peer-to-peer payments through a social network is another feature that other networks are only now trying to implement.

The New York, NY-based Tsu was founded in 2013 by Drew Ginsburg along with co-founders Sebastian Sobczak, Thibault Boullenger & Jonathan Lewin. The company has raised US $7 million in venture funding.

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This new startup monetizes your blog without much effort on your part

This new startup Skyscraper says it is a “simple revenue management & optimization” service for bloggers. So what does that really mean?

Skyscraper claims to help bloggers monetize their Content, fast & easy. These guys claim to the “heavy lifting”, where sourcing & placing ads on your blog are concerned, leaving, as they say, bloggers to do what they do best – blog. This new startup allows advertisers to discover & buy your ads easily, even when you’re not available.

Skyscraper, founded by a small team of dedicated & expert online advertisers lead by Paul Burger, helps bloggers choose & display running ads on their Sites. Located in San Francisco, USA, the new Internet startup was launched in February this year.

Here’s how Skyscraper helps bloggers monetize their Online businesses & boost income.

  • They can help you post ads to your blog by a simple drag & drop process.
  • Skyscraper can help bloggers create an easy-to-use kit for their media marketing efforts in just seconds.
  • Bloggers can focus on 1 place to manage on-going business for all of their money generating transactions.

This new startup offers more ways to widen your market, including affiliate advertising that enables you link to other affiliate sites that will increase revenue from your post. Sponsoring your Content is also possible through Skyscraper. These guys can also recommend your Content to direct advertisers even when you are not at work.

Signing up for Skyscraper is free for bloggers; only advertisers need to pay, using any of the major credit cards. Startups information will be provided by Skyscraper to improve your Content & to have an effective team work from your co-bloggers.

Skyscraper offers such resources to bloggers like a fast sign-up process to secure ongoing advertisement selling. It also features a dashboard that presents bloggers with a daily picture of their advertisements status.

Before I sign off, check the video below to better understand how Skyscraper works.


Image Credit: Skyscraper/Pinterest
Video Credit: Skyscraper/Vimeo

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