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GoCam photo app helps you take a hands-free selfie

GoCam, a recently launched photo app for iOS, allows you to take a hands-free selfie from a distance using gestures to control the iPhone app.

It’s easy to see the appeal of this app, because taking a selfie is becoming increasingly easier & this app makes it more so.

Front & back facing cameras eliminated the awkwardness, & then there came a flood of photo apps & hardware that help you remotely operate smartphone cameras without touching the phone or Tablet.

For instance, the iLuv Selfy case comes with a wireless remote camera shutter. You position the phone in the perfect position to get the best shot, & then walk over into the shot, position yourself & click.

GoCam takes this further ahead by eliminating the hardware required, just like the LG G3 phone. The GoCam app does this on iOS by making use of touchless A3D software which tracks objects using the video stream from the phone’s camera.

The app recognizes a gesture to start taking pictures when you raise your hand with an open palm (sort of like Spock’s Vulcan greeting) & then make a fist.

You can keep the best snaps & discard the rest. The app also includes filters, creative stickers, frames, touch-up tools & other things to help you take great selfies & group shots & then make it look even better afterwards.

It’s simple & easy to use, & the best part is that it is a free app. You can use all the functions of the app using touch too, & you can share the pictures & videos afterwards on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

GoCam was developed by Malmo, Sweden-based Crunchfish AB. The company was founded in 2010 by Joakim Nydemark, who is the company’s CEO. Joachim Samuelsson is the company’s chairman & also an investor.

Crunchfish has raised US $5.5 million in angel funding, including $2.5 million in Sept 2012 & another $3 million in June 2013. The app was launched in June 2014 in Sweden and Australia, & the company plans to expand its reach depending on the response.

Click here to download the GoCam photo app on your iOS device.


Image Credit: iTunes/GoCam

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