Startup Open Strategy offers links to host of biz & strategy tools

New startupIf you run an Online startup or any kind of business on the Web, then this particular startup Open Strategy launched last week could be of immense help.

It’s no secret that most of the Online biz need help in the forms of tools & services like social media networks or Content aggregation Sites. Open Strategy does just that – it provided you with an aggregated listing of tools to help you implement strategies & get your job done easily.

If the idea is simple, the ue of the website is easier still. Links to tools are grouped into different categories. You’ll find tools for everything – from consumer research to Online analytics, social media monitoring, user testing, ad planning/strategy templates, etc.

So a startup looking for tools to implement its various strategies will find it easy to come back to Open Strategy every time it needs a tool for something specific, instead of having to search the Web & decide which tool is best or most suited for its needs.

No doubt it’s more convenient that it’s all aggregated in one place, & that they have taken the trouble to categorize tools. But the best thing about it is that each submitted tool has gone through a review process before getting listed, which makes it all the more better.

This not only means that the tools will be tested & found to be good enough before being listed. It also means that each tool conforms to certain required criteria for submission. This includes that it should be under one of the predetermined categories, & it must be free or have a paid trial period of at least two months.

Creators & developers who want to see their tools published on this new startup can create an account on the Site, & submit their tool with a name, URL & short description. That’s all it takes.

Open Strategy is currently in beta, so you’re bound to see some improvements & additions going forward. For instance, they’re working on creating a mobile version of the Site right now.

Open Strategy was developed by the It’s Not Rocket Science team that includes strategists NYC-based Jonathan Colmenares, London-based strategist Matt Butler, & Paris-based art director Adrien Laurent.

Image Credit: Open Strategy

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