SMS with a dash of video, that’s the Peeps app for you

People just don`t stop developing messaging apps, do they? Only goes to show the kind of potential this particular kind of business has.

Joining the flock now is Peeps. Basically an iOS app, also free, Peeps allows you to take 10 seconds “video selfies” & then of course, transmit the same to anyone you please. No be-friending, no adding new contacts, zilch. Your mobile contacts will get the message even if they don’t have Peeps downloaded on their mobile devices. Shoot & scoot, eh?

Check out this video to understand how it works:

As the developers of this new app have claimed: Peeps has all the attributes of an SMS with a personal touch (the video). Since the videos are for keeps, unless the receipent decides to delete it, you can use this new app for sending out a video narrative – a story.

Developed by Peeps Media Ltd, the new app came into the market mid Dec-2014.

Click here to download the Peeps app on your iOS device.

Image Credit: Peeps
Video Credit: YouTube/Peeps

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