Smashfuse is the Dogpile of social search engines

search for socialSearch engines come in all hues. Smashfuse is a “social” search engine that provides aggregated results from all the major social networks, including Facebook & Twitter.

It’s the Dogpile of social search. Dogpile had carved a niche for itself by throwing up aggregated results from Google, Yahoo, MSN & other major Web search engines.

Now you can do the same for social networks. Smashfuse takes your keyword query & checks all the major social networks, thus providing you aggregated results from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest, Vimeo & Vine.

Note that the results won’t include Websites. Smashfuse is exclusively a search engine of social networks, betting on the assumptiom that there is a niche audience out there that wants to search only social networks, which otherwise don’t usually get top billing in traditional Web search results.

The Smashfuse homepage is sparse & simple, with nothing there exçept the search query box & a list of trending memes & keywords on the overall social web across all the social networks it tracks. You can also check for trending memes on each social network individually.

Once you type in your search keyword, it shows the results in neat rows, with four square boxes in each row. By default, all English-language results from the social networks mentioned above are included.

You can modify the search filter to include other language results, & choose to see results only from a specific social network.

This social search engine is a convenient tool for people to find out what’s cooking on the social networks before the mainstream media pick it up & it becomes news.

More importantly, it’s an effective tool for people to do their research about specific companies, restaurants, events, etc. A single query & the results on a single screen will show you what people on all the social networks are saying about a specific restaurant or event or some product you may be thinking of buying.

The newly launched Smashfuse was founded by Missoula, Montana-based digital strategist & search engine marketing consultant Rod Austin.

Image Credit: Smashfuse

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