Samsung launches Android Wallet

Samsung launches virtual wallet for Android

In what is being seen as competition to Apple Passbook, Samsung Electronics has launched a virtual wallet application for Android smartphone users to store & manage event tickets, boarding passes & loyalty cards in one place.

The app is in beta & will be rolled out this May, Online reports said. Samsung Wallet supports features including time & location-based push notifications alerting consumers to relevant coupons, tickets as well as real-time updates on membership card points, among others.

Those who partner with Samsung Wallet can integrate their apps into the container via the open API. Samsung said agreements with Walgreens, Belly, Major League Baseball Advanced Media, Expedia,,, & Lufthansa were already in place.

Earlier this week, Samsung had said it would pre-install Visa’s Near Field Communications-based payWave app on all future smartphones.

Image credit: Samsung


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