Post PRISM, encrypt your emails for free using encryptfree

All of us by now are fully aware of the controversy related to the clandestine surveillance program by the US Govt. called PRISM. A lot of chatter broke out when the controversy surfaced, & questions raised of governments snooping into a citizen’s private conversations, all in the name of national security.

cooltext921482906Now, a Canadian citizen Dewald Pretorius is offering an encryption service called EncryptFree, for free. What EncryptFree does is to allow just about anybody to encrypt any type of Content, & then decrypt the same. The result: No one except the sender & the receiver can read the message.

What’s more. You do not need to register, log in or leave any of your personal identity behind. All you have to do is to go to the website, click the “Encrypt Text” tab, encrypt the text you want, copy & paste it into an email or save it on a USB stick. You are asked to generate a password, which you then need to give to the receipent of the message.

The recepient has to then Cut & Paste the same encrypted text in the space provided on the website of EncryptFree, key in the password, & viola, there’s the original message in plain English. The key of course is the password.

Your password, plain text, & encrypted version are never in any way, shape, or form recorded, retained, or stored by this service, claims Dewald. Neither during the encryption process nor during the decryption process.

The service works only over SSL for added protection. If your browser warned you of a problem with the site’s SSL certificate, DO NOT encrypt or decrypt anything. It most likely means you’re the victim of a man-in-the-middle attack.

Image Credit: EncryptFree


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