Personapp for creating quick & easy customer profile


Personapp is a tool for creating a quick & easy persona that includes traits describing your targeted customer profile.

Instead of creating a whole section in a business plan report, you can simply use Personapp to create the persona of the kind of person your products or services will appeal to.

It’s simple enough, if you focus on 4 to 5 five key goals (demographics, needs & goals, behaviors, etc) & wrap it up in a single page.

Start with the targeted persona’s age, job, family, hobbies & interests, where they live, etc. Add a name & a picture, to make it seem like a real user instead of a market research report.

Describe a typical day in the life of your persona, focusing on behavioral patterns that are relevant to your product being of interest to them. List about 5 of their needs, & common problems & tasks this persona often has to face.

You can round out the persona with beliefs & attitudes, relationships, skills, work environment, etc. It’s not rocket science & you can just as well do it with pen & paper, but using Personapp does offer some valuable advantages.

For starters, you can create multiple personas with different traits & then tweak or combine them based on in-depth user interviews & further analysis of market research data about your customers & those of your competitors.

It’s far easier to use Personapp & collaborate on these changes Online as you & others involved in the project do more research narrow down the persona to specifics.

Secondly, it makes you focus on real users & what they think about your product, instead of business models, traffic & software. It makes design decisions more human & less abstract, & will help you develop clear need statements before getting started with product development.

Personapp was developed & launched in Jan 2012 by Laurence McCahill, Brighton, U.K.-based co-founder of The Happy Startup School, Spook Studio.

Image Credit: Personapp

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