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Octonius helps you manage files in the Cloud

Octonius is an iPhone app for managing your files across all the major Cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox & Evernote. It is similar to mail apps but is meant for notes & files.

It is fairly simple to use Octonius. After downloading & installing it, you need to register with your name & email id. Then you can connect to one or all of Google Drive, Dropbox & Evernote. After the services get connected, Octonius shows a homescreen that displays four choices – collections, flow, browse & search.

Collections are an exclusive tool of Octonius & it collects & shows you the various projects & documents you have stored in different platforms like Evernote & Google Drive for example. Flow shows you a history of files that have been recently uploaded, created or changed. Browse lets you look at your files in a convenient manner & Search enables you to look for the files you need.

Octonius is bound to be useful for students, freelancers & project managers who work on & maintain shared files across clouds.

Octonius Features

  • Browse the three clouds
  • Monitor the recent changes in all the clouds
  • Add a to-do list to any folder or file
  • Preview function
  • Set reminders for all your files

In short, Octonius is a Cloud management mobile app that is meant for users who have notes & files all over the place & need to get them organized. The app helps you access Google Drive, Dropbox & Evernote from a single place & thus helps you get more control over the documents & files you maintain in these three cloud storage platforms. You can track, organize & share your files & notes easily.

Octonius is offered free for a month after which users can subscribe to a monthly plan costing US $1.99 or a yearly plan for US $11.99.

Octonius is a product of Romania-based Octonius Inc. & the mobile app was initially launched in May 2013, with the latest version released this month.

Click here to download Octonius on your iOS device.

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