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New social networking site Zanda is launched is a new social networking site with a USP – a rating system that allows users to rate & review items & products, concerts & events, people & places, & more.

With this system, the guys who run Zanda hope to bring some “honest reviews” & ratings through multiple categories in order to help consumers & others to make better decisions about the things or services they plan to buy or the things they wanna do.

To use this new social networking site, you need to sign up & log in, which is Free. Users can review existing items or even add a new item for review. Users may also indicate if they own or have participated with the item, comment, compare similar items and create wishlists for items they want to experience. Members can follow one another, earn badges and make the top lists for being active in certain categories & keywords.

So what can one expect to find at Zanda? A quick glance shows one can read up on reviews of movies, products, people, events, & places, allowing users to find experiences & reviews from people across the globe. Essentially, the new social site allows people to connect with similar interests & discover new experiences based on the comments & insights from their friends.

By using its own unique rating system, Zanda says it also prevents corporations or brand advocates to hijack ratings to show dishonest scores. Zanda’s developers monitor the Site closely to deliver true opinions and scores from the community.

According to Toni Vlaic, CEO & Founder of Zanda, people trust their friends & family most when doing something new. Whether it’s buying a new car, looking for a good music venue or which vacation spot their friends prefer, Zanda has an answer. His social site, he says, is one location where you can get the opinion of your friends on just about anything.

While the website is on, Zanda developers are working on the iOS & Android versions, too. 


Image/Video Credit: Zanda


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