Here’s a video blog that features viral videos before they go viral!

Here’s a uniquely placed Internet startup. Called BetTube, this is an Online gambling platform for betting on the future success of YouTube videos. This startup launched on March 1, 2013.

Users can bet on which video will get how many new views in the next 12 hours. BetTube aggregates these bets into a blog of videos that are likely to go viral in the near future.

BetTube is launching with play money gambling for now, but said in a statement that it may switch to real money in the future.The rules of the betting platform entice users to bet on videos with a very low view count (usually below 1000) that will have thousands or even millions of views the following day. By crowdsourcing these bets, BetTube will be the website that features viral videos first.

BetTube is a startup from Munich, Germany founded by Clemens Ley in January 2013. Prior to working on BetTube, he received a PhD in Computer Science from Oxford. The company also gave a demo of BetTube at the Launch Festival in San Francisco, USA.

Image credit:BetTube


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