LavaCat mobile game available on iOS and Facebook

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KANSAS CITY, Mo., Sept. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — LavaCat, the first mobile game allowing players to rewind time, will be available on iOS, Facebook and Ouya the week of Monday, September 23.

LavaCat, which launched on Android Saturday, July 27, has been downloaded more than 50,000 times worldwide, including nearly 30,000 downloads on Google Play, where it reached 87th on the list of top 500 new free games. LavaCat’s rating on Google Play is 4.4 out of 5. Out of 222 reviews, 177 are five stars. LavaCat has also been favorably reviewed by several game publications and was referenced in an article that appeared in Forbes.

LavaCat, version 1.2 on Android devices, includes 19 levels and three minigames: LavaCat Run, LavaCat Jump and LavaCat Fly. The first 10 “adventure” levels are straightforward in their layout, while the final nine “puzzle” levels feature mazes that involve warp pipes, hoop challenges and objects that deplete a player’s energy meter. While a full version of LavaCat and each minigame will be free for iOS and Android devices, LavaCat will cost $2.99 on Ouya and a bundle including all three minigames will cost $1.99.

LavaCat is an action-adventure game appropriate for all ages. It stars Lucky, a kitten who must triumph over caves full of dangers — including falling rocks, flaming lava balls, lava fish and mini volcanoes — if he is to be reunited with his family. To survive, Lucky needs to summon SpiritCat and become LavaCat, a supercat that can withstand lava and paw aside whatever obstacles lie in his path. A 30-second trailer of the game can be viewed on YouTube: http://bit.ly/15IAfIz.

LavaCat was developed by PocketCake, founded in November 2012 as the “next generation mobile app development company,” creating apps for gaming, social networking, entertainment and education. The company also develops custom apps for businesses, municipalities and organizations. To learn more, please visit PocketCake’s Website, www.pocketcake.com.


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