DIY platform Knack now available for building Online databases

Knack is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that allows you to easily build Online databases & Web applications that make use of the data.

You don’t need to be a developer or programmer to use Knack & create your own database & apps. It’s a Cloud-based DIY process that helps you set up everything based on what you need.

knackYou can set up your own custom database & define the database fields using standard data types such as name, address, email, etc., along with more powerful fields based on formulas, equations, images & other file types.

You can connect fields & data, & import data from your spreadsheets or enter it in manually. You can the change history of all the data, & export it to specific file types including CSV, TXT or JSON.

Once you have created your database & filled it with data, it’s even easier to build a front end app linked to the database. You can drag & drop elements like tables, record details, calendars & search. You can add a form to add & edit records into the database.

Knack comes in handy for creating web applications that you can embed on your website. For instance, you can create an inventory manager or a customer service portal or CRM tool that allows customers to log-in & see only their own records.

This ability to secure data & offer your employees, business partners & customers a login that provides them with access to a limited amount of data they are authorized to see is another one of the really useful features that you get with Knack.

Advanced features include the ability to schedule tasks for updating records & sending emails, adding zip code searches with geolocation, & getting your database indexed by the search engines.

Knack is also offering an open API for developers who want to build their own apps & tools using Knack functionality. For users, Knack is mobile friendly & the app will automatically resize to adjust to the size of your device. It’s also optimized for mobile usage such as uploading images using your smartphone camera.

Their basic pricing for a starter package is US $25/month which offers you 1 GB to store 10,000 records & use three apps. A PRO package with 25 GB & 25,000 records supporting 10 apps will cost you US $49/month, & the corporate package with 5 GB & 100,000 records supporting 25 apps is priced at US $149/month.

The New York, US-based Knack HQ was founded in March 2012 by Brandon Griggs & Eric Katherman after they spent two years developing it with the help of seed funding & incubation services provided by Philadelphia-based startup incubator DreamIt Ventures. Griggs is now the company’s CEO.

Image Credit: Knack

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