A virtual stock exchange where you can buy and sell shares in websites

There’s a new Internet startup & this one purports to be a virtual stock exchange where “investors” can trade in websites.

The UK-based RankTrader has just come Online, & claims to be a marketplace where webmasters & investors alike trade in websites to earn extra income.

RankTrader is a virtual stock market, where after you have submitted your website, interested investors can buy & sell virtual shares, or vShares of your website & earn from their investment. But those worried that they will lose ownership of their sites need not worry. You will continue to retain complete ownership of your website because the trading is only virtual.

As of now, potential investors do not need real world money to buy & sell websites shares. This new startup is in beta & using virtual money. But once things get going, they plan to start using real world money, too.

For early birds, the website owners are giving away 50 € for joining up to any webmaster who joins RankTrader. They will be awarded this in vShares when trading in real money begins.

To join up you can either submit your email & request an invitation or instead use any of your social network accounts to join up.

Image Credit: Ranktrader


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