Huntercoin: An Online game where you mine crypto currency with your mind

crypto currencyFirst, there was Bitcon, now there are many more. The new kid on the block is Huntercoin, a human mineable, peer-to-peer distributed crypto currency & game. The crypto currency used is similar to that of Bitcoin, in one sense.

Bitcoin is a virtual/electronic, unforgeable currency that can be converted into real money & can also be used for traded goods & services. There are several other electronic currencies with new names & same character available throughout the online marketplace. Sometimes, except for the name, these are not even differentiate in terms of features & originality.

But Huntercoin, claims the company, has something new to offer, especially for Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming (MMOG). Huntercoin combined with MMOG enables players to meritoriously earn coins using strategic approach & teamwork. The players basically earn Huntercoins (HUC) while they play.

HUCs are human mineable, its innovative implementation of crypto currency algorithms does not require any special gaming hardware or expertise to earn them. It offers great deal of transparency & availability to the rich & diverse world of crypto currency, making it more attractive to the general users.

The game is the 2D virtual world, where players can use hunters to move around the map, mine coins & store them to a specific location. The HUC balance is then transferred to electronic wallet. From there HUCs can be traded for Bitcoins or physical money through exchanges like Poloniex.

The players can download client-side software from Huntercoin website. They can further acquire HUCs through exchange like Poloniex.

Image Credit: Huntercoin


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