Making waves as an Android app, it is now available on Apple iOS

Besides the fact that it has set some sort of a record in the world of most-downloaded Android apps, new smartphone app Drippler is also being hailed Online as one of those rare apps that first played on Google Android & then decided to launch the Apple iOS version.

Yes, this new smartphone app that has already been downloaded over 5 million times from Google Play since its launch in October 2012, has today debuted on the Apple Store. But before all that, let us explain what this app does.

This new smartphone app personalized your mobile computing device by doing things automatically for you. Just by detecting your phone model, your carrier, the operating system you’re running, & a few of your preferences, the Drippler app will curate content for you into a digital ‘how-to’ manual for your mobile device, in this case, your iPhone.

So for Android owners, it will tell you all about the Android Jelly Bean OS, the features of your Android phone, Android wallpapers, etc, etc, etc. Besides throwing up suggestions on software updates & personalized tech advice related your phone, or even a new service from your carrier, it can also send you recommendations for Android/iPhone apps and accessories you may want to try out.

Plus, check this – this new smartphone app has a customized, scrollable feed of the latest news stories that are relevant to your device. Each story is clickable. Drippler gets a basic understanding on your likes & dislikes based on the stories you click on

If you’d rather not have to scroll through the Drippler feed, you can opt to receive “daily drips,” which are personalized items that arrive via a push notification once a day.

Image Credit: Drippler


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