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Got a slow Site? Here’s someone who can help you

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Do you care about your mobile or Web Site loading slow? No? Well, here’s the thing – nobody likes a slow loading Website. Many abandon downloading if a Site they looking for does not come on the screen in under 3 seconds. Yup, you heard right – 3 seconds!

Search engines such as Google, too, frown upon slow loading Sites.Such Sites. Google figures people don’t like sites that are slow so why rank them highly in the search results? That means you get some SEO benefit by having a fast Site.

Which means fast load times equal higher rankings. And higher rankings lead to more traffic. More traffic leads to more social medias shares.

There’s a startup called Load Faster that works to decrease the dowload speeds of your Site by 100%. That’s the claim they make.

According to surveys done by Akamai and, 51% of customers expect a Site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds. Eight out of 10 Online buyers who have trouble with Website performance say they won’t return to the Site to buy again, & around 44% of them would tell a friend if they had a poor experience shopping Online. So a slow Site has lot of ramifications sometimes, especially if you are into ecommerce.

So, if you are interested in decreasing you Site’s download speeds, get in touch with this French startup. Just a headsup, there are no free plans so be prepared to shell out the moolah.

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peerio – the launch of an Online encryption productivity suite for individuals & businesses

To start off on a lighter note, we think if we were to charge a dollar everytime we featured an encrypted Online communication startup, we would definitely be laughing all the way to the bank by now. For the last year or so, we have been snowed under by requests to feature email systems that promise state-of-the-art encryption or apps bearing a similar business message.

encrypted emailNow comes along peerio, launched yesterday.

peerio claims to be different. To begin with, it is an entire productivity suite, email, chat, storage, that works around the concept of Online encryption. Other encrypted services have data encrypted only when being transmitted to their servers. After that, your messages are stored without encryption. But peerio’s end-to-end encryption has your data is encrypted every step of the way, only to be accessed by the user, & of course, the recipients. Emails cannot be encrypted by the peerio team even.

The new startup has been started by Nadim Kobeissi who has spent much of his time creating software like Cryptocat & Minilock for encrypted instant messages.

peerio is positioned as an encrypted productivity suite for individuals as well as businesses.For now, its available as a Windows & Apple Mac app as well as a Chrome plugin but Nadim has promised mobile apps too.

With a peer-based network & a secure contact verification method, you control who can message you—& who can’t. All users are given a unique cryptographically generated avatar. Confirm the identity of your contacts by having them verify their avatars with you.

Here’s what peerio does for you – don’t remember the name of your file, but you know who sent it? Want to find what your colleague said about that meeting next week? peerio’s search is designed to make answering these questions quickly. Start entering your search & peerio will neatly display relevant messages, files, & contacts in their own tabs. No browsing through long exchanges or digging through folders. Your data finds you.

Besides this clean workspace, peerio’s strict ad-free policy for all users, ensures you are not “disturbed” by Online ads.

peerio’s end-to-end encryption technology is also open sourced & peer-reviewed.

But wait, our readers may remember that late last year, we profiled an encrypted email service called Scryptmail that boasts of some of the features as peerio.

Founder Sergei Krutov had written in telling us:

Scryptmail is a brand new email service which offers to you a key benefit known as ‘Frontend Encryption’ (to get more background on this new feature, read here) In giving, the customer, the best service possible, we have followed the best PGP protocol standards for public key exchange. In addition, we have adopted open source javascript libraries to make user side encryption for email communication into a seamless process.
1 thing’s for sure – with more & more people taking Online privacy & communication more seriously. Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent suggestion of allowing governments to pry into all encrypted services sure will find no takers.
Image Credit: peerio
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