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Now make a prototype of your design/product without knowing any code with Marvel

marvellogoMust say, things are getting easier on the Internet with every passing day. Check out this new app Marvel. What does it do? It converts any idea for your own app into a design that can be showcased like an app for presentation purposes. For that matter, you do not need to know any code or any other design skills, Marvel does it all for you.

That’s right. The Marvel app lets you turn any sketch into an app demo in minutes. All you need to do is draw on paper, then take a photo using Marvel to link them together to form your prototype.

This new app can be quite an asset for aspiring entrepreneurs, designers, product managers, startups, students & businesses that need to quickly prototype ideas to share with clients and teams.

Here’s how to do it:

– Draw your app screens on paper, whiteboards (or napkins!) then take photos of each screen using the app.

– Once you’re happy you can link each screen together using touch areas to form your app demo

– You can share prototypes using Email, SMS or Twitter.

– Everything is synced with Dropbox and pushed to your Marvel Web account with is automatically set-up for you at


The new app, available on Android & iOS, also allows team collaboration. Which means any member of your startup team, for example, can add or delete to the original design/concept.

There are at present 2 plans to use Marvel – free & paid (US $ 6.40 per user per month). The latter comes parcelled with extra muscle like creating & joining unlimited teams with other Pro users & extra layer of security.

You may click here to download Marvel on your Android device.

You may click here to download Marvel on your iOS device.



Image Credit: Marvel

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Google mobile search is now faster – about 150 milliseconds!

Google’s mobile search has got faster – to be exact, 100-150 milliseconds faster.

Google mobile searchAccording to a Google+ post by the Google Chrome Developers, when you click on one of the search results, the browser begins fetching the destination page… & here’s the trick: Google also provides a hint to the browser indicating which other critical resources it should fetch in parallel to speed up rendering of the destination page.

According to Google, this is a powerful pattern & one that searchers can use to accelerate their Sites as well.

“The key insight is that we are not speculatively prefetching resources and do not incur unnecessary downloads. Instead, we wait for the user to click the link and tell us exactly where they are headed, and once we know that, we tell the browser which other resources it should fetch in parallel – aka, reactive prefetch”, according to Ilya Grigorik of Google.

For now though, this feature is enabled only for users of Google Chrome on Android, as it is the only browser that supports dynamically inserted prefetch hints & allows prefetch requests to persist across navigations.

Image Credit: Google+

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