Bundle Post takes over your social media marketing woes

Bundle Post is an automated social Content management system that claims to make social media marketing relatively hassle-free.

One of the biggest problems with social media marketing today is that one needs to keep finding the latest “share-worthy” Content from across the Web. Your ability as a marketer to connect with your fans & followers on social media is largely dependent on the level of personal engagement & the quality & exclusive nature of the Content you provide.

Obviously, it takes a heck of a lot of time to curate this Content for social posting, not to mention the actual process of scheduling, hashtagging & other content management aspects.

This is where Bundle Post comes into the picture & makes the whole thing automated, freeing up your time for personal one-on-one engagement with your audience & focusing on other core activities as a social media marketer.

What Bundle Post does is allow you to select & customize shareable Content feeds out of the vast repository of such Content feeds they have collected. You can do this based on keywords & RSS feeds & then schedule it for automatic posting.

Posts will therefore be regularly added to your social media accounts even when you’re not Online. Even otherwise, it’ll just keep popping posts on your social media accounts, leaving you free to focus on responding to your fans & followers & building relationships.

Note that Bundle Post is not meant to replace HootSuite or Tweetdeck or any of the other personal, business or enterprise level social media marketing & management tools that are already available.

Bundle Post offers 3 packages, depending on the kind of marketing setup you have. Individual users can subscribe for US $19.99/month, while the “expanded marketer” package costs $50/month. The Pro package for marketing agencies is priced at US $100/month.

Bundle Post founder & CEO Robert M. Caruso, a veteran sales & marketing executive who says he’s passionate about social media & tech.

Image Credit: Bundle Post

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