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Betting on which videos will go viral Online

First there was YouTube, then BetTube. Way back in March this year, What’s New On The Net had reported on the birth of a Site that allowed people to bet on which YouTube video would go viral.

We are now told that the Site has launched its beta version this Monday, Nov 25. Founder Clemens Lay told this website that BetTube had been redesigned from the ground up to be the place to watch & bet on upcoming videos before they go viral.

BetTube was founded in Munich, Germany by Clemens, who, prior to working on BetTube, had graduated from Oxford University with a PhD in Computer Science.

Here’s how BetTube works: Users can bet that a video will go viral within the next 12 hours. Each bet is a prediction of the future & BetTube aggregates these predictions into a chart of videos that are likely to go viral in the near future.

Online videos that go viralThe centerpiece of BetTube is the ‘YouTube’s Hottest New Videos’ chart. It shows all videos that BetTube bettors have bet on within the last day. The videos are ordered according to the number of views that a video has gotten in the past hour.

To make it easy to find upcoming videos, BetTube features data visualisations which allow users to spot trending videos early. In this way BetTube is not only for gamblers – its also great place to watch YouTube’s hottest new videos.

There’s even a “Golden Rule” to win on BetTube: Always bet on videos with a low view count that are awesome.

Currently BetTube allows gambling with play money, real money gambling will be enabled in the future, says Clemens. Users can sign up for free & start predicting right away.

Since BetTube launched it’s alpha version at the Lauch Festival in San Francisco in March 2013, users have placed tens of thousands of bets.


 Image Credit: BetTube


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