New social networking site that focuses on happy moments

It claims to be a “niche” social network, one that gives the platform for people to record & share their life’s happy moments. Predictably, this new social networking site is named Happier.

This new social networking site is based in Boston, USA. Started in February this year, Happier, Inc., calls itself a “happiness company” on a mission to inspire millions of people to be happier in their everyday lives. The sentiments have found resonance in some big ticket publications such as Fortune & The New York Times. The new social network, available as an iOS app & a web app ( Android is missing) says its aim is to focus on the positive & sharing good things with others as that makes you happier & healthier.

The new social networking site was started by Nataly Kogan, co-founder & Chief happier_logo_for_dark_bgHappiness Officer. She migrated to the USA with her parents from the former Soviet Union when she was thirteen years old. After spending two decades of chasing the “American Dream”, she decided to stop saying, “I’ll be happy when…” & instead started thinking “I’m happier now because…” That’s Happier’s central thought.

And as if agreeing whole-heartedly with Nataly, already between February & July, over a million happy moments have been posted on this new social networking site. Happier has already attracted US$2.4 million in seed funding from Resolute.VC & Venrock. Looks like this new startup is determined to stay, & not fade away like others.

Image Credit: Happier


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