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A single key computer keyboard with only # on it. Any takers?

By: Sorab Ghaswalla

Sometimes, crowdfunding projects like those on the Kickstarter platform for example, tend to catch us by surprise. But this one takes the cake.

Some bright spark has decided to introduce a single key keyboard for the computer, but wait, that’s not the only news. Guess which key it is? The hashtag #.

Undoubtedly, the hashtag has moved up the Internet social ladder in recent times, no thanks to Online social networks, especially Twitter, but to have someone make a “pluggable” keyboard out of it, & seek funds for mass producing it, is amusing, to say the least.


But the creator of this London-based project started by former community manager Ben Gomori, too, seems to have been carried away by the moment. (Trust a social media guy to have come up with the idea). As Ben himself has put it, “he knows how annoying it can be not having a hashtag key.”

The gadget is called HashKey, & plugs into the port of your PC/laptop with a USB cable. At the other end is the single key with the hashtag symbol on it. That’s it.

Already, out of the £15,000 sought, £1,748 have been pldged for this project. The Kickstarter project has also been covered in mainline publications such as, The Independent, & others like Gizmodo, Business Insider, SlashGear & The Gadget Show.

What the HashKey project promises is to do away with the hassle of having to press 2 keys to make # appear on your screens (at least for those who do not have a standalone key on their boards, yet, or have to use the “Shift”key to reach one). “We want to save social media nerds around the world valuable seconds and celebrate the mighty hashtag’s contribution to digital communication!”, writes Ben, while explaining about his project.

Right now, Ben has developed a prototype & completed a feasibility study on the design for HashKey. Listing it on Kickstarter is to raise funds to get HashKey into production & bring it to early-adopter social media addicts around the world, with a view to producing it in greater quantities and taking to retail if it proves a success. There’s also talk of the single key board coming out in various colors, if everything goes well.

As for me, thanks but no thanks, Ben. My laptop keyboard already has an inbuilt # key but sure lacks one for £.

Image Credit: Kickstarter/HashKey

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From ex-Tinder staffers comes fresh competition in the form of bumble, a new dating app

new dating appBumble is a dating app that allows you to connect with others near you. You swipe to the right to the people you wanna connect with, & left to dismiss connections you’re not interested in – it’s as simple as that.

The Tinder connection is obvious, & it’s not a coincidence either. But we’ll get to that shortly. Let’s take a look at the app first.

Like Tinder, bumble allows 2 people to connect after both have swiped right. But bumble differs in that the girl has to make the 1st move & say something within 24 hours, or else the connection disappears. Men have the option of seeking a 24-hour extension for 1 connection per day at most.

This feature & the way the app is being pushed on Facebook makes it pretty clear what kind of demographic bumble is aiming for – A safe & fun way for women to add to their ‘hive’ of connections.

Moxco Inc., the company that has developed the bumble dating app, is registered in the United States, c/o Moxco Limited, which is registered as a business in London, UK.

Incidentaly, one of the founders is Whitney Wolfe, a co-founder & former VP at Tinder had sued former Tinder CMO & co-founder Justin Mateen for sexual harassment.

Wolfe, along with other former Tinder employees, has now launched bumble which pretty closely tracks the Tinder app’s functionality, with a few changes & a new look. Bumble has a solid domain in, & they’re pushing the bumble ‘bee’ theme too.

The ‘hive’ of connections & yellow honey-bee background color apart, the app’s description says “We’re changing the rules of the game. Bee social, bee kind, bee polite.”   Not to mention Facebook posts like ‘Well bee-haved women seldom make history.’

Still, it feels like the whole operation is a bit rushed than it should have been. Their Facebook page is buzzing & the app is available on the App Store. But there’s no mention of an Android app, & the Website as of now still says only this – “Some things are just meant to bee. Coming Soon!”

Well, we’ll bee waiting…

Click here to download the bumble dating app on your iOS device.

Image Credit: Bumble

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