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Line Corp. launches Toss, an app for quick sharing of images & videos

new image sharing appCall it a coincidence or what but just as our Edit guys had finished writing up & publishing this new image sharing service called Pixlater came the news that cross-platform messaging app Line had launched Toss, an app that allows Line users to share their images & videos in one stroke. Clearly, image sharing apps are the flavor of the season.

Toss allows all photos & videos taken on any given day to be shared with a single touch. There’s manual transmission also but the single button share is an added facility. Plus, the new image sharing app helps you organize your cluttered photos into an organized stream by date.Photos can be automatically organized by the location information facility of the smartphone.

The new image sharing app has a host of other features such as quick browsing using the TimeBar. Plus, even of the receipent has not downloaded Toss, he/she will get a message in the main Line app.

Image Credit: Line Corp.

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Pixlater Online photo sharing tool for scheduling uploads to social networks


Pixlater is an Online photo sharing tool that will automatically upload all the images you want to the various social networks at a time & date of your choosing.

If you have a ton of photos to upload after a trip, event or photo session, then uploading all the images to all the social networks you belong to can be a big pain. Instead of kicking back & relaxing after a strenuous day of activities & taking pictures, you’ll be up half the night on Flickr, Twitter, the various Facebook groups & pages, & other sites where you want to share the pictures with your friends.

Pixlater eliminates this problem by requiring only a single upload. You can choose which social networks you want to send the pictures to & when, & the tool will do it for you at the appropriate time.

The Pixlater Online photo sharing tool is currently in open beta & allows you to schedule photo uploads to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr & 500px. They plan to add Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest & Google+ soon.

You have 3 pricing schemes available if you want to use Pixlater. One is entirely free, with a limit of 10 photo uploads a month & 1GB of space, & the ability to connect the tool & upload photos to two sites.

The PixPlus plan at $10/month includes 50 photo uploads, 10 GB of space & 10 connected sites. The PixPro plan at $39/month allows unlimited photo uploads to unlimited connected sites.

You can also connect the tool to other apps if you are subscribed to the pro version. All of the pricing plans offer a free 30-day trial period. All you have to do is register with your email & connect your social networks to the account.

Pixlater was co-founded in Jan 2014 by Simon Gelfand & Eyal Halimi, both of whom previously collaborated as co-founders of Israel-based Content publishing & sharing platform Bukisa.

Image Credit: Pixlater

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