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AllCast: Send your photos & videos to your TV from your Android device

Google’s Chromecast is a sweet device to stream you digital Content into your not-so-smart TV. You can play YouTube videos,Netflix, Hulu, Google Play Music & Google Play movies directly on your TV from you smartphone. But all these apps don’t work in all regions. In India, for example, Netflix & Hulu services are not available. Only YouTube videos can be streamed to Chromecast. Chromecast App on your Smartphone or Tablet cannot play the Content which is saved on the device.

Wish there was a way out of this? Welcome to this Android app called AllCast.

AllCast is an ultimate Chromecast companion app that lets you stream the Content from your device to Chromecast. The working for Chromecast is simple. Install the app, connect your smartphone or Tablet to the same network as your Chromecast is connected to, & select the media from the app itself. You can stream videos, music & even photos from your device to your TV.

AllCast is not restricted to Chromecast. You can stream your Content to WiFi-enabled TV or DLNA-enabled device. For that matter, this app supports Amazon Fire TV, Xbox 360 & Roku, among others. When you are searching for device the TV automatically shows up in the list. Simply select the device & play the Content. Another feature of AllCast is that you can play the Content from Cloud & Server. If your computer is connected to the same network you can select the Content from that device & stream on your TV. You can do the same with the Cloud service like Google Drive or OneDrive as the app currently supports only these 2 Cloud services.

Here’s a video on how this app works:

AllCast is only available on Android OS & not on Windows Phone or iOS. There is one more catch: the free version lets you play Content only for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you only have the option of replay. To go on, you need to purchase the premium version of this app. This is available for US $4.99.

The app has been developed by a team called ClockworkMod.

You may click here to download AllCast on your Android device.

Image Credit: Google play/AllCast
Video Credit: YouTube/AllCast

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Android launcher Start gives users the right push

These days Android & iOS launchers are the talk of the phone app world. What’s New On The Net, too, has previously featured some of these launchers.

Yesterday, another Android launcher landed on Google play. The Start launcher by Celltick is a sleek Android one that adds extra features & shortcuts to the lock screen. Start gives you quick access to all the important functions on your phone. Because of these shortcuts provided by Start, a user can save a lot of time. Start keeps you up to date with news feeds, social networks, + more. It also provides rapid access to media, weather and music applications without unlocking your device.

What adds to the fun quotient of Start are the 100s of free themes & plugins that users can choose from.

With the new Start you can:

• Get an intuitive & simple user interface
• Easily launch multiple apps from the start screen
• Get a complete view of your social media networks on your start screen
• Enable as many starters as you want on-screen
• Launch the camera and any other media related app
• Call/text/email your friends and family without unlocking your phone
• Select your favorite theme or use your own personal picture as a background
• Choose & configure widgets e.g. date & time
• Search the Web from the Start Screen

The new smartphone app adapts itself to a user, thus looking different for different people. Through its highly intelligent backend recommendation engine, Start learns which apps & information you access most on your device & automatically enables these functionalities with your permission on your first screen. Start also recommends new apps & features that are complementary. After the 1st installation, a user can change & customize Start to meet his/her preferences.

You may click here to download Start on your Android device.


Image Credit: Google play/Celltick


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