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Two Minute Mobile claims to create affordable mobile Websites quickly

Two Minute Mobile is a service that quickly creates “affordable” mobile-friendly Sites from your existing Websites.

It’s the instant age of mobile communications, & clearly, every business must have a mobile Website in order to tap into the vast sea of consumers using mobile phones & Tablets to search, browse & shop on the Web. The problem of course is that most business owners have no idea where or how to begin creating a mobile version of their Websites. They also have no idea how it affects their search rankings, & how to attract more local search customers by optimizing the mobile Website.

This is where Two Minute Mobile comes into the picture. It will take care of everything for a one-time fee of US $99. It creates a lightweight & fast-loading mobile optimized landing page. It will have your phone number with touch-to-call, your email with touch-to-email, & your address with touch-to-map.

It provides touch-friendly mobile navigation, & will include your Website’s logo & brand color schemes. It will also include your social network links, including to your Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn accounts.

The best part is that it doesn’t in any way negatively affect your existing Website or search rankings. Only mobile device users get redirected to the new mobile landing page. Other Web users will see the same old page on the same URL & domain.

You also never have to update your mobile Website, unless you change the address, phone number, email or other personal & business information.

This Internet startup eliminates the need of a designer, and spending countless hours trying to figure out the best design & Content for the mobile Website. Two Minute Mobile will do it all, as long as you have an existing Website it can cull information from.

This startup is owned by Site9, Inc. a Portland, USA-based software company.

Here’s a video on how it works:


Image Credit: Two Minute Mobile
Video Credit: YouTube/Two Minute Mobile


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PhotoSweeper: Cleans your Apple Mac photos in a jiffy

Managing photos Online can be difficult task. You end up making multi-folders to seggragate the images, & manual cleaning of the photo library becomes a time consuming task. Now, a software called PhotoSweeper does this automatically.

PhotoSweeper is a utility tool for Mac users that helps them quickly organize your photos. The tool helps to manage your photo library by analyzing your photos & finding duplicates or similar images. The working of this tool is simple- Simply drag & drop your photos or select entire folders. The photos can be accessed from iPhoto, Apperture  or even Lightroom. PhotoSweeper then analyses your photos & finds the duplicates. PhotoSweeper gives you the option to Move, Delete or Rename these photos.

The comparison can be done in 6 ways such as Bitmap, Histogram, Time interval, Time & histogram, Time & Bitmap or Duplicates. The Duplicate will find exact duplicates. These methods make this software unique & useful. So if one is looking at the photos from a Photoshoot the user can choose to find exact duplicates & get rid of those images. This saves time, a lot of time.

It takes about 20 seconds to analyze a bunch of photos which is a pretty good speed. After the analysis the duplicate images are grouped together. User can drag the unwanted images to a box & can later trash the box at once. Other features like Batch Rename, Auto Select, & Safe Removal make this tool a must have for professionals as well as amateurs.

PhotoSweeper, which has been developed by Gwinno Software, Inc., never deletes photos from disk or media library permanently. So if you removed them accidentally, you are always able to restore them from Trash.

The full version of Photosweeper will cost $9.99. You can try the Demo version here.

Image Credit: Apple iTunes/Gwinno

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