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“Hug” or “Punch” your friends on Picxter – the new social network

pixterpageI have always wanted a ‘Dislike’ button on Facebook & also an Image rating system on Twitter or Instagram. I am sure that many people would love these kinds of features. There is a new kid in the pool of social network called ‘Picxter’. The name might sound like a photo sharing Site but it’s a full fledge social network on the lines of Facebook & Twitter.

There are many things or many features which makes Picxter a unique social network. It has a ‘Hugs’ feature for someone you might like or ‘Punches’ for whom you don’t. For Images, the user can give a Star rating. For the analytics head, this site has Profile Views, Post Views & many such tools. These features are definitely unique & NOT available in your favorite social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Picxter has another out-of-the-box feature called ‘The World’ (another unusual name). When the user posts something in ‘The World’, the post goes public & can be viewed by anyone & anywhere from the world. Similarly, anyone can post here let the world know who you are & what you do. This seems to be a faster way to get connected to other users from all over.

The Site is developed by the 18-year-old Lucknow, India based Qaiser Malik who is currently a student. Qaiser plans to include chat options & some cool games to Picxter soon. The main moto of Picxter is to provide easy & fast social connectivity from anywhere to anyone & on any platform.

You just need to be 11 years old to use Picxter.

Image Credit: Picxter

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ReviewRouter as an Online reputation management tool

reviewrouterpageReviewRouter is an Online reputation management tool that helps businesses gain & highlight positive feedback. It also smartly customizes responses based on whether a customer’s rating helps or hurts the firm & brand’s reputation.

You start by signing up & creating a ReviewRouter profile that includes your basic business information & Website links.

Once the profile is ready, you can start sending customers to the profile page for providing feedback & rating your business. If you need help with this, ReviewRouter has tools such as widgets that can be embedded on your Website. You can also use their email invitations & qr code cards.

The first step the customer takes on the profile page is to give your business a rating. This is where the Online reputation management kicks in, because you can set the routing logic to send customers to different locations to write a review based on the rating.

For instance, if they want to dump on you with just a single star, you should keep the whole thing in-house & off the web by providing a feedback form that comes back only to you.

On the other hand, satisfied customers who give you a higher rating can be invited to write a review directly on the profile page or directed to review sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google+, etc.

If you feel confident, you can respond to unhappy customers & give them something to smile about, you could let them write a review & instantly respond back online in a transparent fashion that makes it clear to the customer & others that you care about what they think & are committed to doing whatever it takes to satisfy customers.

It’s possible to do this because ReviewRouter, not unlike other Online reputation management tools, gives you email alerts about customer actions & a control panel where you can view, manage & respond to customer reviews.

The ReviewRouter app is accessible from any device including laptops, smartphones & Tablets, & you can choose a package depending on your company size & needs. The starter package with one profile & email support will cost you US $39.95/month.

If you have multiple branches or companies, you may opt for the Multi package with support for up to 10 profiles for $99.95/month. The enterprise package that supports 50 profiles costs $249.95/month.

Image Credit: ReviewRouter

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