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King unveils 1st ever parallel world of play for Candy Crush Saga


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LONDON and NEW YORK, Dec. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — King, the world’s leading casual games company, today announced the first ever expansion of their global hit game Candy Crush Saga. Titled ‘Dreamworld’ and available from today across Facebook and mobile platforms (iOS and Android), this new game mode will transport players to a parallel world of dream-inspired levels, introducing a magical twist to the traditional Candy Crush Saga game.

This enchanting new ‘Dreamworld’ mode is unlocked for existing and new Candy Crush Saga players after they’ve completed Level 50 on the Saga map. Once unlocked, a new dream-like Saga map becomes available where players can experience the earlier levels of the game again but in a challenging new way.

In ‘Dreamworld’ a magical new character, Odus the Owl, introduces an additional layer of gameplay. It’s all about equilibrium – keep Odus the Owl perched on his half-moon by crushing the correct coloured candies which consequently keeps him steady and stable.

In addition, players can look forward to new mesmerising special effects including the ‘Moon Struck’ reward which introduces a new game state where some coloured candies are removed from the board, making it easier to complete the level.

“We’re thrilled to offer new and existing Candy Crush Saga players an exciting new way of playing the game,” says Tommy Palm, Games Guru at King. “We hope that the new ‘Dreamworld’ mode will prove a fun twist for newcomers to the game and a tantalising challenge for our loyal fanbase. As with all our games, we endeavour to offer our valued players a regular flow of exciting new content – we hope that they will love the new map, as much as we’ve enjoyed developing it.”

With 65 ‘Dreamworld’ levels available at launch, player progression on mobile devices will seamlessly synchronise with Facebook so they can unlock new levels and access leaderboards wherever and whenever they like, without losing their progress in the game.

The ‘Dreamworld’ levels are available now on Facebook, Android and iOS devices.

About King:
King is the world’s leading casual games company, with more than 1 billion gameplays per day globally. King offers more than 150 exclusive games in 14 languages through mobile, Facebook and the website The company has offices in Barcelona, Bucharest, London, Malta, Malmo, San Francisco and Stockholm. For more information, visit




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new e-commerce platform

New e-commerce platform that comes with in-built social media tools

e-commerce has started playing an important role in people’s Online lives. From real world shopping, more & more are moving to buying on the Web. And where’s there’s a need, there are suppliers. New e-comm platforms are proliferating like nobody’s business.

There’s a new e-commerce platform called Yovigo that went into public Beta last week that claims to have made conducting business Online even more easier. It is everything rolled in one – shopping store, website, blog; you name it, these guys seem to have it. Setting up any kind of Online shopping, claim these guys, is “very easy & fast”.

Yovigo’s features include built-in social marketing tools. Here are some of ém:

  • Website & Hosting
  • Product Management System
  • Secure Credit Card Processing
  • Inventory, Shipping & Fulfillment
  • Built-In Social Marketing Tools
  • Social Customer Profiles & Insights
  • 100% Mobile Ready & Responsive
  • Reporting, Analytics

new e-commerce platform

Users retain full design control over their shops. Yovigo offers a Do It Yourself (DIY) themes editor for this very purpose. Also, your shop when ready is already mobile-friendly so you can find customers for whatever it is you are selling on mobile computing devices.

Other features of this new e-commerce platform are Reporting & Analytics where you even get real time repports on cart monitoring & abandoned check outs.

The motto of the chappies at Yovigo is – you, as the shop owner running a business should only worry about acquiring new customers for the goods you are selling Online & leave the rest to them (Yovigo).

Setting up new e-commerce platforms still remains a kinda daunting process, especially for those doing it for the 1st time. You need to understand the tech stuff like shopping carts, payment gateways, SSL, stuff like that. But Yovigo claims to take care of all such things needed at the backend to start selling Online.

There are various subscription plans to select from. The Santa Barbara, USA located Yovigo also claims to be the only such e-commerce platform offering a free plan for those selling upto 100 products. You can even use Yovigo to start selling on Facebook.

Image Credit: Yovigo

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