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Rhapsody brings editorial and curation to the forefront with new iOS app update

This press note,as released by the company,has been reproduced in full

SEATTLE, July 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Rhapsody, the original streaming music service, announced a major update to its iOS app that makes it even easier to access music, read about up-and-coming artists and lean back with curated playlists that bring the full editorial experience to iOS devices.

“Our members are increasingly using their smartphones as the primary way they listen to Rhapsody. Over half of our members regularly use Rhapsody on their phone and 47 percent listen to Rhapsody on their smartphone exclusively,” said Brendan Benzing, general manager, Americas, Rhapsody. “Curation and editorial content has been the cornerstone of Rhapsody since its inception, and we’ve brought it forward in an intuitive and engaging way for our iOS devices.”

Rhapsody’s exclusive editorial content is curated by editors that cover genres to fit any member’s musical preference, including classical, metal, rock, country, reggae, hip-hop, jazz, pop, electronica, indie, gospel and hundreds more. Members can easily click through content to find new artist recommendations, album reviews, artist interviews, videos and curated playlists amassed from more than 10 years of content.

“We’re more than a ‘search/find/play’ service. Let’s face it—that search bar can be intimidating when you can listen to virtually any song in the world. So, we guide listeners through that massive catalog by introducing them to new music and old favorites via curated editorial programming. It’s like the difference between shopping at Nordstrom versus Costco,” said Benzing.

By expanding editorial features in the redesigned Rhapsody iOS app, members enjoy an immersive, premium music experience that lets them do more than listen. The app also features social sharing, giving listeners the ability to share albums and tracks. For added convenience, it also has the capability to toggle to force offline mode to conserve cellular usage while providing access to all downloaded content. The redesigned app boasts a simpler look, visually rich home screen, improved navigation, upgraded album and artist pages, new full-screen play and pop-up menus to easily add, download, queue or favorite tracks and albums. Members can also pick stations built around artists or genres for a nonstop mix of awesome music through Rhapsody Radio.

Android users have also been enjoying editorial programming on the Rhapsody Android app. The Rhapsody iOS app is free and available for download from the iTunes store. Non-members can also get the full Rhapsody subscriber experience with a 14-day free trial by visiting


About Rhapsody International
Rhapsody International is parent company of leading streaming music services, Rhapsody and Napster. Initially launched in December 2001, Rhapsody is the original streaming music service that gives members unlimited on-demand access to more than 20 million songs, whether they’re listening on a PC, laptop, Internet connected home stereo or TV, MP3 player or mobile phone. In December 2011, Rhapsody International acquired Napster International. Rhapsody International is headquartered in Seattle, with offices across the U.S. and Europe. Rhapsody and the Rhapsody logo are registered trademarks of Rhapsody International Inc. Follow @Rhapsody on Twitter and keep up with the latest on the Rhapsody Facebook page.

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Skype, Google Hangout, here comes competition. The new startup’s called Sqwiggle

This new startup called Sqwiggle is actually an Online solution to a Real World problem, hence finds its way to these pages.

We have all heard of Skype the Internet-based video communication service by now. And of course, Google Hangout. Well, now there’s Sqwiggle. This new startup is a social network based on video conferencing in the world of Web-Real Time Communication (Web-RTC). Sqwiggle can be used, for example, by those who work from home, to keep in touch with fellow workers or clients.

The benefits that Sqwiggle claims to offer is:

  • Instantly see & hear other team members with no need to call or share everything important to your work in one beautiful,
  • Easy to use app
  • The product minimizes bandwidth consumption by taking still images every 10 seconds. Users can then click on any image to instantly activate live video & audio
  • Interactions are 2 minutes on average (compared to 27 minutes for Skype)

This new startup says all that one needs to do when you feel like discussing something with a workmate is to click on a teammate’s picture& viola! You are instantly brought into a ‘Live’ discussion!

That’s the way this new startup works. Each outfit or company gets its own virtual “workroom”, & each member gets a place in a grid of images. When one is not in  conversation with someone else, he/she appears as a black & white still photo.To speak to someone, you simply click on their face. Sqwiggle also allows you to talk to several people at once. You just click on their faces, and you’re instantly in a group chat. All this effectively saves a lot of bandwidth.

This San Francisco, USA-based new startup charges for its service, starting at US$9 per person per month. But it also allows you a 14-day free trial. And what’s with the tongue twister of a name? Well, we don’t know, as yet.

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