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Sony Mobile Launches New Global Xperia Marketing Campaign Inviting Consumers to Experience the Best of Sony in a Smartphone

Sony Mobile launches marketing campaign for Xperia smartphone

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Sony Mobile Communications has revealed its most ambitious marketing campaign yet for its Xperia smartphones with a significant global marketing investment.

The integrated campaign, which will be deployed globally in over 20 markets across TV, print, digital, out-of-home and retail from March 2013, highlights the best of Sony’s innovative technologies as found in its new premium Xperia Z smartphone. In a creative execution that features a selection of Sony’s much-loved products from the past, the campaign reflects the unique consumer experiences that only Sony can deliver as it looks back at iconic moments in history and showcases Sony’s technologies available today.

“Our latest campaign celebrates Sony’s proud heritage of innovation and how the brand continues to touch the lives of people around the world,” said Steve Walker, Chief Marketing Officer at Sony Mobile. “The launch of our new flagship Xperia Z smartphone marks a milestone as it truly brings together the innovative Sony technology, entertainment and connected experiences into a single device.”

By utilising the talents of celebrated director Tarsem Singh( ), the campaign takes consumers on a colourful journey to experience the vibrancy and excitement of the Holi festival in India. Every year thousands converge to witness this festival of colour with its explosion of coloured powders and water, creating the perfect setting for the Xperia Z smartphone, with its water-and dust resistant design, to beautifully capture, share and enjoy this visual spectacle. Tarsem’s stunning visuals have been perfectly complemented by David Bowie’s aptly titled classic track ‘Sound and Vision’ which was specially remixed by Sonjay Prabhakar.

Acclaimed director Tarsem began his career in music video creation, making his name with his music video for R.E.M.’s track ‘Losing My Religion’ which won the MTV Video Music Awards ‘Video of the Year’ in 1991. His feature film directorial debut came with the visually striking The Cell (2000) and since then, he has become known for his trademark colour-saturated and vibrant visual style. His other films include The Fall (2006), Immortals (2011) and most recently Mirror Mirror (2012) starring Julia Roberts.

“The Xperia Z has one of the most incredible screens you can think of for today,” commented Tarsem. “It really records colour vividly and this festival of Holi is about as vivid as you can get.”

The global campaign was officially debuted during the premier mobile industry trade show Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Visitors to Sony’s stand can see demonstrations of the new and highly anticipated Xperia Z smartphone and Xperia Tablet Z – showcasing the best of Sony innovation including sleek designs, Full HD displays, cutting-edge camera technologies, One-touch functions for content sharing and connectivity, and unique water and dust resistant technology. The full commercial can be viewed here:

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Pheed is better than Facebook, Twitter

Meet Pheed, the social network app that topped Facebook and Twitter

If you have not heard of this new social network, then you may thank us for bringing it to your attention. Pheed is the new kid on the social networking block. But first, the more important news -according to Online reports, this new Internet startup’s app reached the No:1 popularity mark in Apple Store on February 19, 2013, beating rivals like Facebook & Twitter.

In fact, since its launch on the Apple Store, demand for the app has been growing. Pheed is a social networking site, available as an app only for iOS devices but will soon be there on Android, too.

The Pheed website was launched in October 2012 in Los Angeles, USA by a group of Internet entrepreneurs, while the App was launched the following month. Cofounder of Pheed O.D. Kobo, a well-known Internet entrepreneur who hails from Hong Kong, is the de-facto spokesperson of this new smartphone app. He runs the Koolanoo Group based in China.

The catchphrase for Pheed is -Express Yourself. Whether you want to share by way of text, photos, videos, audio, voice or live broadcast, Pheed offers all of that…& then some more.

So what makes this app popular? Besides the fact that there is so much one can do with it is the added attraction of earning while socialising. There are reports that seem to suggest that  teenagers & famous personalities are fueling Pheed’s growth. Some teen followers spoke of Pheed on Twitter & Instagram, an indication of its growing popularity.

Pheed is a free app. Justifying its tagline, the app is stuffed with multiple sharing options: users can share text messages, audio files, video, voice message & even broadcast live events using this new smartphone application.

Pheed even allows members to bridge social networks. This simply means that you can share your updates to other networking sites like Facebook, Twitter & Tumbler.

The other features are:

Paywall Setting: This is a feature that could beat the c*^% out of the competition. Users can monetize their posts or their live events, by installing a Paywall. Members can set any price they want for others to view their posts or live events. Charges can be on a ‘per view’ or ‘per month’ basis, & can range between US$1.99 & US $ 34.99 USD for one post or one month. Of course, Pheed will take 50% of the revenue thus generated.

Personalize Your Post: This option allows users to add a watermark to their posts. The watermark can be added to all Content, to make it personalized.

Channel Subscription: Users can also subscribe to the channels of other users. With a ‘Remix’ feature, they can share and view other user’s post and threads.

Pheed has got everybody excited, for sure. That’s why the well-known business magazine Fortune has listed it as 1 of the 7 social networks to watch out for in 2013.

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